About Alison Canavan


Alison Canavan is a UCLA-trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behaviour. She runs a successful private practice as a Health and Wellness coach and delivers motivational talks on health and wellbeing, all over the world, specialising in behaviour change, mental health, addiction and improving your mindset. Alison was a successful international model for nearly two decades and in recent years has devoted her time to her greatest passion: the achievement of true health and wellbeing for herself and others.

She is the Ambassador for Walk in My Shoes alongside Adam Clayton and Brent Pope, which is a national awareness and fundraising campaign empowering people across Ireland with mental health difficulties for St. Patrick’s University Hospital for Mental Health. She chaired and spoke at the Barnardos Parental Mental Health Conference in Ireland and at The Mindful Life Conference in Washington. She has lectured in Trinity College on the module of Motherhood and Mental Health.

Alison has a weekly wellness column called ‘NIRVANA’ in The Sunday Independent and a column in Positive Life Magazine. She has featured on the cover of leading US published Mindful Magazine, one of America’s leading publications. She has contributed to numerous publications through the years including You Magazine, VIP Magazine, The Daily Mail – on topics related to mindfulness, stress, pregnancy, parenting and much more.

Alison is passionate about human potential and helping people to reach theirs. Having attained a graduate distinction in Nutrition and Health Coaching from Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health, Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition therapeutics, Raw Foods Mastery level 3 from The Life Change Health Institute, she is poised to deliver “The Full 360” approach to health and wellbeing, encouraging people to look at all areas of their lives and not just one or two. In her work she shares tools and training that help people connect, go within and create lasting change through intuition and everyday small behavioural changes. This makes it easier and more manageable to change habits and try new things.

Speech Topics & Descriptions

The Full 360: The Mindful Path to Better Living

As a mindfulness teacher, Alison believes that awareness in all areas of our lives creates space for change. Until we fully accept who and where we are in this moment, we can’t take steps on the path to where we would like to be. Bringing mindfulness gently into all areas of your life helps to bring trained awareness to the forefront, empowering you to make better decisions, become less reactive, less stressed and more content.

For organizations, less stressed and more content individuals leads to a healthier company and greater growth.

Alison shares key tools and starting points for people focusing on her mantra that; ‘small changes done consistently bring about lasting differences in our lives’. This session includes mindful tips to gratitude, sleep and stress management.


You Have Greatness Within 

After years of trying to find happiness through external means and a devastating relationships with life and addictions, Alison turned her life around by connecting with her infinite internal resources.

In this talk, Alison lifts, shifts and ignites your spirit helping you to tap into your own infinite potential within. Alison explains that no matter where you are in life or what you are going through, we all have greatness within. However, we are often limited by our paradigms and limited thinking patterns. Once we learn to recognize these, we can all live a life beyond our wildest dreams.

Alison teaches accessible lifestyle tools like gratitude, mindfulness and journaling in her own unique way and introduces life hacks like her ‘Stop, Catch, Change’ technique so you can begin to catch your thoughts, change them and live a life you truly deserve living.

This talk can be tailored for both individuals seeking personal growth and organizations seeking a stronger corporate culture and business growth.


The Game of Life

For some people the joy has literally been sucked out of life like a vacuum. The busyness epidemic has created a paradigm of surviving rather than thriving. This has caused increased individual stress as well as strained cultures in the workplace.

In this thought provoking talk, Alison looks at life like a game where we all have the choice to take part. We do this by becoming a conscious or unconscious player. Are you a victim or a victor in your own life? Alison offers various different thinking tools to help you become not only an active and conscious player of life but a thriving and joyful one too.


Wake Up and Be Free

When we avoid life, we become disconnected and suffer with a disease of body, mind, spirit–or all three. This disconnect stunts our personal and professional growth.

When we wake up to our true potential, freedom awaits. By connecting with our emotions, we can begin to heal different aspects of ourselves that we have suppressed over time.

The greatest prison in this life is the one our mind creates. In this talk, Alison looks at the importance of catching your thoughts to help free your mind to not believe everything you think.

Having suffered with chronic anxiety and depression for nearly 20 years, Alison not only talks from experience but has also studied and worked with hundreds of people in her private practice.

She also looks at how we can train our mind to think differently using various mindfulness and gratitude practices.



The Full 360 Workshop: Live Better, Feel Better

The full 360 approach to health and wellbeing encourages people to look at all areas of their lives and not just one or two. Alison shares tools and techniques that help people connect, go within and create lasting change through intuition and everyday small behavioural changes. Alison firmly believes that real wellness can only truly be achieved when we connect the dots, taking a full 360 approach with our own health and wellbeing. This means looking at body, mind, spirit, our environment and the quality of our relationships.

This workshop will bring guests through different, fun techniques including mindfulness, gratitude, self-care tips and what effect our food has on our mood. Alison will also talk about looking at our toxic load and the products we use on a daily basis both in the home and on ourselves. Most women put on average 168 – 515 chemicals* onto their skin each day. This has a very strong and negative effect on our overall health and wellbeing and something Alison is passionate about spreading the word on.

The Full 360 event helps attendees make small changes that will give them the confidence to follow their dreams and to believe in themselves. Small changes make a big difference.

**Alison customizes a 44-page workbook, which should shared with each workshop attendee. Printing costs are separate from speaking fees.

Workshop topics include:

  • Stress
  • Meditation/Mindfulness
  • Breathing
  • Eating well and what that means
  • Gratitude
  • Daily happiness habits
  • Joining the dots with your health and wellness
  • Movement
  • Mindset – how to change it
  • Energy and vibration – what is it and how you can keep yours high


VIRTUAL – How to Keep Energy & Immunity High While Working from Home

When you can’t ‘go out’ how ‘going within’ can help you gain peace, perspective, boost immunity and lower stress.

In this online workshop Alison Canavan shares practical and accessible tools to help you stay grounded, centered and resilient during these times. This will help you to stay focused,positive and productive while working from home.


Events and CSR Executive, Allianz Ireland

Alison has been a fantastic addition to the Allianz Active & Aware programme. Her enthusiasm and passion for Health and Wellbeing was palpable from the moment she arrived. Her honesty about her journey was refreshing and ensured that her presentation was incredibly interesting and most importantly enabled her to connect with the groups she was addressing. Her presentation style is effortlessly engaging, exuberant and infectious, and most importantly inspirational as she demonstrates how everyone has the ability to take control of our wellbeing destiny.

CEO & Co-Founder Dealer Inspire

Alison Canavan was an uplifting, insightful speaker. We were lucky to have her keynote at our event; Refuel. She had our audience engaged, present, and even had people up and dancing. What I found most valuable was her takeaways for our team to lead a more meaningful impactful journey with their life.

CEO, Barnardos

Alison's energy, insight and emotional intelligence make her a joy to work with. She's an honest and powerful speaker who can hold an audience spellbound, and she puts her all into everything she does. We've always been grateful for her support for the work we do in Barnardos, but more than that because she is a continuing source of inspiration and ideas.


Alison joined us for the final day of our annual three day off site meeting to help us focus on personal development. Alison’s session was at once practical in terms of steps we can take to balance home life and work life, but in truth it delivered much more...introspection, self-reflection, emotion  and motivation. It was real, tapped into our investment in our people in a genuine way and allowed us to look at our development as people rather than employees. It hit exactly the right note and at the right time. I would highly recommend Alison if you are open to honesty, sincerity and looking after your team beyond what the “job” provides them.

Adam Clayton - U2

I first met Alison on the 'Walk In My Shoes' fundraising and awareness project. Ali was a rock of good sense and committed to sharing her story with anyone who needed help or could help. She has an intuitive personality and a need to open things up for discussion until she understands all aspects of the issues. Ali is a doer and I am grateful that she has given so much of herself to raise awareness for mental health issues in Ireland.

Nutritionist and Corporate Wellness Consultant

Alison is a dynamic and engaging speaker whose passion can be felt in the room.  She is open and honest and get’s the participants thinking about how they can make small but impactful changes in their own lives.   The feedback I received from our team was extremely positive and Allison was coined "the best speaker" during our 3 day company offsite meeting.  Alison shared practical tools with our team and our employees have been utilizing her "Stop, Catch, Change" process to break habits and have removed cell phones from their evening and early morning routines.   I would highly recommend Alison as a speaker if you're looking for someone to reach your employees at their core and open their hearts to changes that will have the greatest impact in their lives. These changes lead to overall well being and in turn happier and healthier employees.  As a nutritionist for 25 years who is also passionate about mindfulness and well being, Alison hits it out of the park with her genuine nature, intelligence and incredible presentation skills. She makes mindfulness simple for everyone to incorporate into their day. Our employees left our meeting feeling inspired, not just about working at KYNE but how working at KYNE fits into their overall wellbeing.

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