About Asher Jay


Asher Jay is an international adventurer and public figure whose compelling paintings, sculptures, installations, animations, ad campaigns, and films all have a single purpose: to incite global action on behalf of wildlife conservation.

Asher‘s travels to the frontline have made her witness and story-teller, combating illegal wildlife trafficking, promoting habitat sanctuaries and illuminating humanitarian emergencies. Her core message, again and again: biodiversity loss during the Anthropocene – the Age of Man.

Asher’s laterally associative vision delivers on a client’s commitment to offer a product of service in alignment with ensuring a healthy planet and a collective wild future. Harnessing the effective application of the arts to address simple disconnects that prevent individuals from understanding the complexity of the whole, her work is the nexus of storytelling, marketing, public relations, corporate social responsibility, nonprofit impact, and philanthropy. Her background in fashion design and development, marketing, merchandising and being the managing director of a company that managed both CMT production lines and large-scale factory planning has equipped her with both business acumen, and genuine immersion into the corporate world.

Much of her best-known work spotlights the illegal ivory trade. More recently, Asher opened two permanent exhibits at National Geographic Encounter in New York’s Times Square — a large scale wall-mounted installation entitled Piece of the Planet, and an immersive, soundscaped installation called “Message in a Bottle.”

From big name brands like Prada, Biotherm, Sambazon & Adidas to well known non-profit organizations like WWF, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) and National Geographic Society, this interdisciplinary designer is fluent in sensorially evocative visual discourse that transcends normative communication barriers.

Why work with Asher Jay? Simple. Ideation + conceptual associative thinking + content creation + Emotionally evocative, intuitive storytelling + Public Participation = increased: click throughs, sales, web traffic, customer conversion rate (i.e. appealing to new audiences) customer return rate and more meaningful communication with target demographics.

Speech Topics & Descriptions

Communication. Connection. Conscious Co-Creation. 

Expert storyteller, artist and conservationist, Asher Jay, will help you discover how to shape, edit and own your personal narrative in a holistic, empowered manner.  

During this session, attendees will explore ways in which they hold themselves back or inhibit their authentic flow by distancing and/or disowning parts of their personal stories. Whether it’s feeling unfulfilled at a job, unable to launch an idea/product, uninspired to finish a book, the answers lie in exploring, purging and consolidating your inner and outer stories. Asher aims to achieve precisely that.   Allow yourself to experience how, now. “ALLOW” is often used by Asher as an acronym to highlight the process she underscores in personal development: Align your core. Let go of fear. Light up. Own your narrative. Walk your talk. Asher’s unique expertise lies in her uncanny ability to yoke seemingly disconnected, lateral thoughts, notions, beliefs, concepts or events incisively together and help you anchor the new found insight in to your ever-expanding consciousness as clarity.  

Open up your horizons and let your exquisitely inimitable self-expression shine your inner light distinctly upon the world. This journey of self-discovery and introspective exploration 

Jay believes that an individual can inspire countless others when he or she is in alignment within. She is passionate about uncovering each person’s true story and sense of self for this reason.

Canvas of Your Life

When you begin a canvas, it is a daunting task, to fill that immaculate virginal white space with content that you believe has meaning, meaning that is entirely subjective, conveyed through your personal bias and can be just as easily perceived as clutter by another.  
To me, the child I was, the self I was born as, parallels an untouched canvas, both pristine and rich in possibilities. The process that develops a canvas is also one that shapes our inner being. Brush stroke by brush stroke, color by color, from transparency to opacity we slowly layer patterns that when repeated enough become recognizable constructs of reality we identify with.  
Join me in exploring how we arrive at the masterpiece that is the self by uncovering the process by which I resolve a canvas. I maintain art is all about application and action, and much like a person, a masterpiece is one that enables constant discovery both within and in the world external to its presence and premise.

While the keynote format will divulge take-aways through case studies and stories, interactive workshops will involve unique artistic exercises that encourage participants to not only optimize how they network or build teams to get a job done, but will equip individuals to actively apply his or her strengths while confronting his or her weaknesses to enhance personal productivity, project based team performance and the company’s short and long term priorities. 
Moving from structure to freedom and vice versa is vital to uncovering new opportunities for growth, ideation, innovation and promoting effective collaborative teamwork, however it can often feel uncomfortable to expand and contract one’s focus between the macro and micro. This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to not only identify mechanisms that help them proactively address the discomfort of transitioning mindsets from linear, detail oriented sequential thinking to lateral unrehearsed big picture problem solving and vice versa, but discover the joy in pushing past one’s comfort zone through creativity.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Asher delivers her laterally associative vision for a healthy planet and a collective future. Her design philosophy connects two disparate concepts and anchors them in contemporary culture and public consciousness. Asher Jay maintains that the work she does, and what it delivers is bigger than herself as an individual or brand, and is eager to work with other companies that recognize the same premise, that while individually we can tell stories, together we can change the narrative.

Asher spearheads strategic problem solving by uniquely linking seemingly irrelevant, unrelated ideas, thoughts, vocabulary, or data points into a democratic emotionally intuitive, sensorially compelling framing. This helps consumers distill relationships that help them better understand the true nature of things while securing click-throughs, sales, donations, pledges and on-site participation for companies and nonprofits.

The harmonious marriage of the quantitative and the qualitative, and the overlap between corporate stewardship and philanthropic partnerships that seed decisive dollar spending towards achieving tangible on-the-ground impacts is the unique niche that Asher’s versatility best finds expression in. The utilization of creativity to curate how systems, solutions, services, and products are received or navigated by target demographics is the most crucial narrative experience. Every individual needs to walk that arc and come out the other side with the same conclusion, which implies the organization of content within such an arc needs to be carefully planned. This requires both an empirical and logical yet intuitive, and emotional approach, which is at the heart of each campaign, consultancy contract, project or initiative Asher provides for clients.


Communication & Storytelling (Keynote, Workshop and Retreat formats available)

The average American household watches 8 hours of TV. On average 8 seconds of television carries two story sound bytes. 44% of all satellites launched are for communication. Yet people often miss the point. We say a lot without actually conveying what we mean. Things get lost in translation. Or we say one thing and do another. There is a lack of integrity in our outreach. We greenwash, we claim we care to address the elephant in the room but not if it comes at the cost of our bottom lines and the convenience of doing business as usual. Change is painful. It is also absolutely indispensable. We can no longer afford to hide our true intention, because a lack of values and integrity has come to corrode our global and national natural heritage. Economy has come to operate at the corrosive expense of ecology, and our planetary health is coming to serve as an indicator of our own.

Now more than ever, we must employ communication to share with genuine emotion and inclusive awareness, verified information that allows for feedback, comments, questions and open dialogue. Effective communication enables us to express wants, needs, feelings, thoughts and inner workings organically. This allows us to develop significant social relationships, transparent social etiquette, and nurture the culture of our collective, but most importantly we alleviate humanity of its collective ignorance and the imperiled fate that ignorance breeds. In order for communication to be efficacious, there needs to be a self-aware transmitter, a willing receiver, and a thoroughly understood purpose for relaying said information from the transmitter to the receiver. ‘What’s the Point’ delves into both the message and the medium. It helps individuals participating in its workshop modules to distill the core reasoning behind their communications strategy, campaigns, projects and efforts. Whether it is within your relationships, or to your consumers, at the root, communication is about trust, and certain aspects are requisite to seeding and building trust and consequently the continuum of meaningful rapport. To examine the primary purpose of communications, which is connection, Asher uses subversive creativity that embeds or employs data sets that can subconsciously catalyze the masses to care, connect and come to a consensus. From big name brands like Prada, Biotherm, & Adidas to well known non-profit organizations like WWF, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) and National Geographic Society, this interdisciplinary designer is fluent in sensorially evocative visual discourse that transcends normative communication barriers.

Who are her workshops/keynotes intended for? Asher delivers what she knows from her personal experience, and strives to authentically uncover what matters for participants and clients. Her mixed-media, transmedia presentations, keynotes and workshops explore, marketing theories, unique branding exercises, and socio-cultural psychology through four filters- material (media), sensorial, emotional and spiritual. Asher believes this will help decanter the qualitative and quantitative elements that will compose effective messaging capable of changing individual attitudes and empowering cohesive actions towards galvanizing positive impact. More significantly her unique way of moving participants toward a space of stark inner clarity, equips storytellers from various disciplines to offer up more cogently packaged narratives to their target audiences. Her modules help individuals from all walks of life discern how to be more compelling, centered, balanced, change-catalyzing communicators.

What questions are delved into? What is your story? Are you able to own your complete narrative? How can we best edit, condense, collate and present your story as a person, brand, initiative or service to yet others? How can you tell your story in a way that honors you? What is the best format or medium, and why? Whether you want to give a life changing talk showcase your talents or document your life story in a book or transcript, Asher can help you find the answers you need to move you out of self-doubt to self expression.

What is covered? In the digital age, the deluge of data inundating individuals makes it hard to carafe the “point” of much of the content relayed and received by people. Why does something go viral? Why do some stories change how we see the world, while others fail to register and leave a mark? What emotions best carry through a story to the masses? People internalize or assimilate stories differently based on the medium through which it is articulated. How does one innovate to convey topical narratives through the enduring art of story? A compelling story can awaken the senses, and bring the intangible and conceptual alive in one’s emotions, inspiring them to be a changemaker.

Asher begins her sessions with a ten minute declutter meditation that empowers listeners to be present, mindful participants in the two hour osmotic immersion into shaping public consciousness, one individual attitude at a time.

Her workshops include her Keynote: “It’s A StArt!” An hour-long presentation with interactive moments, on signs, symbols, semiotics, process, premise and product development that aims to cultivate a deep sensitivity and fluency in mass media communications. Her keynote relies on many examples of her work that will offer detailed insight into how she arrives at the most obvious and accessible solution sets for each problem paradigm her clients present her with. Asher equips students to think differently, while encouraging them to explore how they can build their own visual lexicon and encode cultural references and emotional nuances into the content they care to disseminate. Data visualization can be taken a step further into the sensorially immersive dimension of psychologically and emotionally evocative art. Going beyond pie charts, bar graphs and maps, how else can information be embedded, encrypted and relayed intuitively to the public?

“My work has always examined ways of educating, empowering and enabling the public through mass media advertising, interactive campaigns, and the strategic dissemination and democratization of visualized data. Against the backdrop of social science, I plant the building blocks of a visual vocabulary that will catalyze change in our cultural fabric and by extension a shift in regional consumer & cultural bias. There is a quantitative aspect to all my messaging; consequently, art is a means to an end for me, the end being a transformation of our collective consciousness. Through this discourse I would care to catalyze students to learn how to perceive and convey interdependence, embed psycho-social constructs into a layout, account for biases, and be persuasive storytellers in the digital age while holding their own consumptive behaviors accountable to the whole.”


Co-Founder, Archymides

As a technology company, we have partnered up with Asher Jay to bring her message to the masses about environmental impact. As a technology integration partner, we have leveraged a cutting edge serverless architecture with our unique Code as a Service offering to minimize the need of running servers continuously. Together, we have designed a solution that scales on demand and ensures that the energy footprint is exactly what is required, hence minimizing waste and optimizing energy use of the platform.

Founder, Dopper

We know that the Dopper bottle, with its iconic design, is a communication starter. Communicating via the problem, up-cycled singe use plastic water bottles and the Dopper as a solution will activate people to change their habits and be more aware of their consumer impact. At Dopper, we say the bottle is the message. Dopper is a sustainable bottle to get the message across. Together with Asher Jay's mission to send 'a message in a bottle' to the world, we both make people aware of the problem and solutions. This is why Dopper is a Make Your Own Bottle campaign partner. Dopper was quick to sponsor Message in a Bottle workshops for kids, as this campaign empowers children worldwide to share the messages they care most about by turning waste PET bottles into timeless, truthful artifacts.

Executive Director, Turner Endangered Species Fund

Vivacious, audacious, compelling, brilliant, artistic, atypical, these words are but a short list that describes Asher Jay. She is multi-faceted and complex and possess a nimble mind and imagination and a gentle heart that celebrates life even in the most obscure places. She is full of captivating stories that remind us of the importance of living fully and protecting the grandeur of life that still surrounds us.  As a speaker, she will not disappoint. 

Founder, Litterati

Asher Jay's Message in a Bottle connects people to the world around us. Like Litterati, the Make Your Own Bottle campaign provides a single platform than anyone can contribute to and become part of the solution. And if we're really going to create long-term, transformational change, there's no better place to start than with our kids.

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